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Leaving Your Message - Share A Moment / Memory About Chrono


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We are going to keep the life of Corvus Chrono Humphries ALIVE!. Each and every one who knew Corvus or was a part of his life, talk about him, recall him, relove him, RELIVE him. Leave behind a message, story or testimony below.


This message and instructions are directed to ALL of Corvus Chrono's friends, relatives, and contemporaries. Corvus Humphries still lives because you have not forgotten him. Leave a message, thought, experience or memory about Corvus here. ChronoOnChannel5Trimmed

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That is it... You have just Left A Message For Corvus

Thank you very much,
From a still Grieving Father, who appreciates everyone that has befriended, helped or ever knew my Son.

We also acknowledge and support the additional mission to showcase an ongoing face, name and crowdfunding place for all of the other people murdered in Chicago neighborhoods.
Walter Humphries


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