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Corvus Humphries Foundation For Peace

Vision Statement For Corvus Humphries Foundation For Peace

Our Vision Statement.  Corvus Humphries Foundation For Peace is a pending 501c3 Organization representing organizations and residents of Chicago's riskiest neighborhoods as for as their life and health outcomes. We help organize and work with community meetups and action councils.

We provide our member constituents with materials, information and answers they need to take action to protect and or improve the quality of healthcare in their local areas. We point out medical discrimination, health redlining, institutional and city neglect to those who needs are greatest for scarce health resources. We give a voice to those who views are never heard by the big care givers, that elderly patient who fix income won't allow her to get approval for a needed procedure or the 20 year old gunshot victim who dies on the way to the hospital because he lives and got shot on hte wrong side of town and the closet trauma center is 5 miles away. The tragedy is that the hospitals less than amile away cannot treat him so his passing has to be more than it is ok. This is where 'they' live so nothing can be doone about it. Well that is our Vision, to change the outcomes of thiese all to common situations, to fight for recognition that health and good healhcare affect us all and should be a right for everyone. 

We will continue to be a voice for the voiceless and strive for the unity of the patient citizenship in order to stay on the forefront of their representation for the end result of efficient and professional care that the taxpaying public deserves and our local healthcare system has an obligation to provide.

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