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Father Pfleger's March To recognize and bring attention to All the Senseless murders in

Chicago for 2016, with 800 Crosses being carried by volunteers and loved onesNewYearEvesMarch

These Killings must stop. Father Fleger organizes the Michigan Avenue March, in downtown Chicago, new years Eve, 12/31/2016. The march puppose was to draw attention to all victims murdered by gun violence in 2016. My son Corvus Humphries was one of those murdred on October 2nd, 2016. Coming home from work his life was arbitraily taken from him on a Sunday morning at the Chicago Pink Line station. Volunteers and loved ones carried the crosses of everyone who was murdered in 2016. Leslie Williams from Evanston, IL (you can read her complete essay here or click Here), ended up carrying Corvus's cross and wrote a beautiful essay about her experiance 

Father Phleger's video can be seen below 

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