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Corvus Base Foundation

In Memory Of 
Corvus "Chrono" Humphries 

Taken October 2, 2016 by gang members in Chicago's Pilsen Area on his way home from work.

R.I.P. Corvus "Chrono" Humphries 

Every word Sirius Al Ra is saying about Corvus "Chrono" Humphries in this "Ten Toes Challenge" IS so true. The family was in total shock when we first heard the news. We denied it for the first 2 hours of finding out, everyone saying it is not him, there must be a mistaken identity. The tears flowed from every ones eyes, including me. We all felt our hearts were ripped out. This just doesn't happen to us. Corvus Chrono was never in the gang, never did anything but help everyone. His martial arts was a part of him since age 9 (T'ai Chi expert).

He also become an expert at graphic arts (been drawing since he was 3 years old), he loved writing and performing poetry, and he left behind so much rap and hip hop material (IMG / Sony Records was ready to promote his 1st full album project). Chrono and Al were to travel to Atlanta together to pursue acting roles and then we got that bad, sad news. Nothing has been the same for any of us since. I lost my best friend, my youngest son, a King,  Corvus Chrono Humphries.

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