12993627 984105144970110 6494053959339228984 nEveryone is being asked to recall their favorite good memory, experience, feelings, and or encounter with Chrono - Corvus Humphries, He is still here within all of us. Even if you had never met him, still leave a thought or message about him.

You will leave a brief comment (up to 3000 characters). Also you can add any pictures, mp3 files or Youtube Videos that you have of him. Once you are done you press the Submit Button.

Chicago Violence - A BBC Documentary

Here Are All The Members For The Corvus Humphries Foundation

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Join The Cause - Let's Complete Chrono's Mission To  Be A Healer For All Of Chicago


Join The Corvus 'Chrono' Humphries Foundation For Peace - Fully Free Sign-UP Process

We are going to make the Corvus Chrono Humphries Foundation For Peace Mission to be a force within the community. Each and every one who joins our cause for free helps us reach our membership goals and our crowdfunding goals for the Foundation. Get on the phone and reach out to 10 (ten) or more others and have them do the same things right now as you just did. Corvus Humphries and nearly 1,000 other Chicago murder victims did not all die in vain in 2016 and 2017. What we do here and now, really counts and means something. Make a difference and reach out to others. We are a city in need of a lot of love and healing. 

This message and instructions are directed at ALL of Corvus Chrono's friends, relatives, and contemporaries. Corvus Humphries still lives because you have not forgotten him and you will help the Mission by joining the Foundation (this website) for FREE below! 

  1.  Make sure that you were already logged into your Facebook or Twitter account. ,
  2. If you are using your laptop or desktop computer the Chrono Login / Sign-Up box is to the Right
  3. If you are reading this from your phone or tablet, the Chrono Sign-Up box is just below this article
  4. Inside the Chrono Login / Sign-Up, Click the Facebook or Twitter Button
  5. Give Permission (it means Yes to freely Register you) and / or click the Allow or Accept Button. That is it, You have joined the Chrono Mission For Free.
  6. Additionally click the Facebook Like button or Twitter Button that is above or the one below this Article to share what you have done back to your Facebook or Twitter page and also write a comment if you like. This will share it to your Facebook page.  
  7. If you do not have Facebook or Twitter, OR you do not want to use the Facebook/Twitter Log-In Buttons to join, you can still easily join by clicking and filling out the Sign-Up form here
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That is it... You have just joined the Corvus Humphries Foundation For Peace!!

Now call up 10 of your friends and have them to do the same 7 steps

Thank you very much,
From a still Grieving Father, who appreciates everyone that has befriended, helped or ever knew my Son.

We also acknowledge and support the additional mission to showcase an ongoing face, name and crowdfunding place for all of the other people murdered in Chicago neighborhoods.
Walter Humphries


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